Range Slider

Contact Form 7 Range Slider is a easy to use setup field range in your contact form 7 for your WordPress site.
Make elgenat design for Contact Form 7 Range Slider multiple option on field
Mostly contact form 7 for slider to setup digit number with min and max value on range
slider. Range slider in contact form 7 allow visitor to easy to slide number field to make
attractive form in contact form 7. you can be put custom color as will prefix on left, right so it make more
user friendly.


  • Multiple Tooltip Position
  • Step Adding Option
  • Min and Max Option in slider
  • Prefix On Digit
  • Tooltip color option
  • Compatible in all major browser
  • Easy use
  • Prefix Position : Left Or Right
  • Slider Show : Single Edge Or Double Edge

How It Works Range Slider In Contact Form 7


Let’s We discuss one by one all feature

Range Slider Settings

  • Range slider name for field option.
  • Range slider step option customize.
  • Range minimum, maximum value customize option.
  • Range slider label prifix editable option.
  • Prefix position left, right option.
  • Slider type circle, scale, rainbow, modern flat, double labels, simple options.
  • Slider show single, double edge options.
  • Range show enable/disable option.
  • Custom labels editable option.

Range Slider Shortcodes Display

  • Range slider tab show on contact form edit page.
  • Range slider field add than show shortcode.

    [rangeslider simple-1 step:1 min:1 max:10 sliderstyle:simple rangeshow:enable]

    [rangeslider simple-2 step:1 min:1 max:100 sliderstyle:simple rangeshow:disable]

    [rangeslider simple-3 step:1 min:1 max:10 Prefix:$ sliderstyle:simple rangeshow:enable]

    [rangeslider circle-1 step:1 min:1 max:10 sliderstyle:circle rangeshow:enable ]

    [rangeslider circle-2 step:1 min:1 max:100 sliderstyle:circle rangeshow:disable ]

    [rangeslider circle-3 step:1 min:1 max:10 Prefix:$ sliderstyle:circle rangeshow:enable ]

    [rangeslider scale-1 step:1 min:1 max:10 sliderstyle:scale rangeshow:enable ]

    [rangeslider scale-2 step:1 min:1 max:100 sliderstyle:scale rangeshow:disable ]

    [rangeslider scale-3 step:1 min:1 max:10 Prefix:$ sliderstyle:scale rangeshow:enable ]

    [rangeslider rainbow-1 step:1 min:1 max:10 sliderstyle:rainbow rangeshow:enable]

    [rangeslider rainbow-2 step:1 min:1 max:100 sliderstyle:rainbow rangeshow:disable]

    [rangeslider rainbow-3 step:1 min:1 max:10 Prefix:$ sliderstyle:rainbow rangeshow:enable]

    [rangeslider modernflat-1 step:1 min:1 max:10 sliderstyle:modernflat rangeshow:enable]

    [rangeslider modernflat-2 step:1 min:1 max:100 sliderstyle:modernflat rangeshow:disable]

    [rangeslider modernflat-3 step:1 min:1 max:10 Prefix:$ sliderstyle:modernflat rangeshow:enable]

    [rangeslider doublelabels-1 step:1 min:1 max:100 sliderstyle:doublelabels rangeshow:disable]

    [rangeslider circle-4 step:1 min:1 max:7 labels:sunday|monday|tuesday|wedsday|thursday|friday|saturday sliderstyle:circle
    sliderstyle:doublelabels rangeshow:enable]

    [rangeslider scale-4 step:1 min:1 max:7 labels:sunday|monday|tuesday|wedsday|thursday|friday|saturday sliderstyle:scale rangeshow:enable]

    [rangeslider rainbow-4 step:1 min:1 max:7 labels:sunday|monday|tuesday|wedsday|thursday|friday|saturday sliderstyle:rainbow rangeshow:enable]

    [rangeslider modernflat-4 step:1 min:1 max:7 sliderstyle:modernflat labels:sunday|monday|tuesday|wedsday|thursday|friday|saturday rangeshow:enable]

    [rangeslider simple-1 step:1 min:1 max:7 sliderstyle:simple labels:sunday|monday|tuesday|wedsday|thursday|friday|saturday slideshow:single rangeshow:enable]

    [rangeslider doublelabels-2 step:1 min:1 max:7 labels:sunday|monday|tuesday|wedsday|thursday|friday|saturday sliderstyle:doublelabels rangeshow:enable]

    Setola-van der Ven, Monique

    Kelders, Elly

    Navis, Bob

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